Maxroot is a 100% Organic hair regrowth solution for both men and women. This natural serum has been patented by the US and Japan. It is the topmost selling hair regrowth product in the US and Japan. Now also available in India! This gentle and effective hair serum naturally increase the volume of the hair, restores hair color, prevents dandruff, and relieves itchy scalps.

maxroot treats & cures

MaxRoot hair serum has been clinically proven to be effective, as per the results of a wide independent study. After using the hair serum for 3 weeks,
  • 57% reported lesser hairloss and better hair volume
  • 55% reported return to noticeably darker hair
  • 72% reported relief from scalp itchiness
  • 57% reported disappearance of dandruff
  • No reported side effects or allergic reactions
  • 98% would recommend it to friends and family

Salient Features Of MaxRoot

  • safe
    As we have mentioned earlier, MaxRoot is made up of 100% organic Makrut Lime extract. This gel serum adds volume and darkens the color of your hair without using any harmful chemicals. MaxRoot is free of toxins, fillers, alcohol, and pesticides.
  • nutrients
    MaxRoot hair serum is derived from the extract of the Makrut Lime (Citrus hystrix). This extract contains a high concentration of the perfect elixir of healthy nutrients that strengthen hair from Root to Tip. and VITAMINS B1, B2, B3, B5, B12,
  • the limes
    Our MaxRoot hair serum is derived from the pure extract of a superfruit known as the makrut lime (Citrus hystrix). We have tapped into the potent power of this unique type of lime that originates from Southeast Asia.
Customers have experienced a noticeable drop in the thinning and greying of hair and increase in healthy, beautiful hair. Many happy customers have spoken in favor of MaxRoot hair serum, over the years.
  • I can tell that my hair is slightly softer now and the gray hair has been reduced. Maxroot is very refreshing. It is especially good for busy people because it is so easy to apply.
    Rahul Kunche
  • First I did the allergy test, once overcome successfully I used maxroot with freshly washed hair, applying it in the root, two to three times a week. I have long hair but very fine. My experience is positive, I have more hair volume, but continued with itchy scalp, possibly because I have quite a few gray hairs and I have to dye my hair, also influences the pool chlorine added to water.



What Is MaxRoot?

MaxRoot is a 100% organic hair regrowth product for both men and women. This hair gel is made from the extract of the Makrut lime, a member of the citrus fruit family from Indonesia.

Along with the extract of the Makrut lime, MaxRoot contains the goodness of naturally extracted vitamins and proteins. This product naturally stimulates hair regrowth and fights premature graying of hair by providing the scalp with the necessary nutrients for healthy hair growth at home.

#1 Selling Hair Regrowth Product In The US And Japan

MaxRoot is the #1 hair regrowth product being sold in the US and Japan. MaxRoot is also among the best hair regrowth products that really work for both men and women in Europe and Southeast Asia. Not just that, MaxRoot has been patented by both Japan and the US, which in itself speaks volumes about the effectiveness of the hair gel. Undoubtedly it is one of the best hair growth products available in the market. Now the product has been launched in India too!

An Organic Hair Regrowth Product

Hair transplants and other hair treatments for hair regrowth can burn a hole in your pocket. Not just that, you never know how any of those treatments can harm your hair and skin. On the other hand, MaxRoot is a completely organic hair regrowth solution in India that reverses the effects of hair fall naturally over a time frame of about 3-4 months, without any side effects.

Ideal For Both Men And Women

Majority of the youth and middle aged men and women in India suffer from hair fall. Our busy schedule and the climate don't help either. In such a scenario, we really need a hair care solution that works. But most of the hair care products are customized either for men or women. The requirements for hair regrowth in men and women are very different but, MaxRoot is one best hair regrowth product that caters to both the genders.

Perfect Solution For Hair Problems

Choosing a hair care product can be tricky. There are a number of hair care solutions that cater to various hair problems, but there's no product that caters to all. MaxRoot is that product. It gently repairs your hair, that too organically, without any side effects, whatsoever. It boosts natural growth of hair. Along with that, it also fights premature graying of hair, dandruff, itchy scalps and hair damage and leaves you with smooth, voluminous hair that's 'Oh So Shiny'!

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